Lemon Meringue Pie in the Marais

I had been hearing about the famed tarte au citron meringuée (lemon meringue pie) from Le Loire dans la Théière for quite some time now that I decided it was time to try it! A Friday rendez-vous for afternoon tea gave me the perfect excuse to meet in the Marais, one of my favorite neighborhoods that you can even enjoy on a Sunday, when the rest of the city is quiet. I must say, the dessert lived up to its reputation and really was as good as it looks. Needless to say, I finished it all! After satisfying my sweet tooth, I wandered the charming streets of the neighborhood, including the lovely Rue des Rosiers, where you can find the best falafel, and made my way to the nearby streets to pop into a few galleries and window shop from the beautiful boutiques. I behaved, and didn't buy anything..this time.