Scotland - Inverness to Skye


Scotland has been on my travel list for as long as I can remember. Even more than the historical castles and famed Loch Ness, I've yearned to see the highlands firsthand – its rolling hills and lush landscapes offer an undeniable and idyllic beauty that is unique to the country. When planning the trip, I soon realized that the sights I hoped to see were actually very far up north, on the island of Skye. A quick plane ride from London got us to Inverness, where we rented a car and made the stunning, 4 hour drive to Skye.

Without a GPS (the car rental was out), we were at the mercy of Scotland's signs, and fortunately, the kindness of the locals. This sweet farmer got out his map and helped us plan out our route, and also told us about a nearby cheese shop, where naturally, we had to stop to pick up some cheese and bread for the drive.

Scotland's roads are scarily narrow, which I think freaked me out just as much as it thrilled Tom. The drive was incredibly scenic, and we took our time to stop and take in the amazing scenery. 

Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle

Eilean Donan Castle was a beautiful sight, as being situated on an island, it is surrounded by deep blue water and colorful seaweed. In my "wellies" I was able to climb down a cliff and get to a lower base to better appreciate the view. The other two photos (below) are actually taken a bit father down the road from a parking lot, a much less frequented stop that offers an interesting and different perspective. 

The terrain changed a lot during the drive – from breathtaking mountain ranges to green, open fields, dotted with sheep.