Alsace in the Fall

I hopped on the train last weekend to go to my dad’s in Alsace, which is located in eastern France just along the German border. The TGV gets me there in under two and half hours so it makes for a great weekend trip. Historically, the region was passed back and forth under French and German control, which has resulted in an interesting blend of French and German culture, as represented by the spoken languages, cuisine and architecture. Although Alsatian was the traditional language (a German dialect), the official language today is French and most commonly spoken. Being that Alsace is a huge wine-producing region (especially known for its Rieslings and Gewürztraminer), I was really looking forward to seeing the vineyards in full foliage. It’s safe to say I wasn’t let down – rich, vibrant colors in soft contrast with rolling hills created an incredible scenery. The best part about it is that we didn’t have to go very far, as the vineyards are honestly everywhere. A simple car ride to the boulangerie merited leaving my phone at home so as to not be distracted and risk missing any of the beautiful landscapes. To make the weekend that much better before taking the train back on Sunday, we made hazelnut-praline tarts with apples fresh from the apple tree. And yes, it was accompanied with wine.